Links to the Arts and Humanities 

One avenue to expand one's appreciation of the arts is to subscribe to a major newspaper such as the New York Times or the Washington Post.  Another avenue is to enjoy the benefits of NPR (National Public Radio), PBS (Public Broadcasting System) and other venues that promote the arts.  Local theaters, orchestras, choral groups, and dance companies offer windows into imagination and creativity.  The performing arts represent the celebration of diversity.  Be a part of this celebration. 

The arts and humanities often activate both sides of the brain.  We remember performances because these events cause emotions such as joy or sorrow.  Such activities as art, music, dance, and drama activate both our emotions and our thoughts.  Imagine the child growing-up in an environment void of the treasured experiences offered by the arts and humanities and exposure to creativity and diversity.  Promoting the arts and humanities is truly a way to assure frames-of-reference that will lead to a well-rounded, loving, and understanding society.


If you are on social media, share clips of the performing arts.  There are great examples of theater, dance, and much more.  Look for clips that showcase diversity and the importance of many diverse people creatively working together. Support the arts and humanities in any way possible.


Curiosity and Pursuit of Knowledge, Truth and Beauty